Hands down best investment for a plug-in to date. Authorize.net for WordPress did exactly what I needed it to do and it was deadly simple to set up. It took me 10 minutes to watch the training videos and create buttons to set up my entire storefront. Daniel also responded to my questions lightning fast and was extremely helpful. I have been so frustrated looking for a solution for my business that would allow me to use Autorize.net with my WordPress membership site and this plugin was everything I needed and more. Screw ridiculous shopping cart plugins that don't do what they say they will do. Great plug-in + great support= no brainer!! I have a 0% coding background and I got this up in running in minutes… and the solution worked perfectly.. I absolutely recommend Authorize.net for WordPress!!! Thanks Daniel… game changer for my business. I appreciate your work.
William Rutledge

Get more sales and donations when you accept credit cards directly on your website. Simple Credit Card Payments is a plugin that you can install
in just a few minutes, even if you're not technical.

Perfect for Membership Websites

Now it is fast, easy and secure to process recurring credit card payments right on your membership website. Processing credit cards directly on your site increases confidence and can even increase your sales, by a lot. It also keeps your customers on your site, focused on your product or offering.

Other third party shopping carts and payment options require you to send your customers to their website. That can make the checkout process long and difficult to track. However, when you use Authorize.net to process the credit card payments directly on your WordPress membership website, you keep control of the entire process, start to finish.

Fast track checkout for WishList further simplifies the checkout process for your new members by eliminating the after checkout registration. As soon as checkout is complete, they already have an account with a username and password.

MemberWing integration was designed to be as easy to use as the MemberWing software itself. Checkout can take less than a minute and they get instant email notification for immediate access to members only resources.

Perfect for Non-profits & Politicians too

Non-profits and politicians are using Simple Credit Card Payments to Quickly and Easily add one time and recurring donations to their websites. WordPress has long been a favorite of non-profit corporations and public officials due to how fast and easy it is to get a message out.

Now it's just as easy to turn your website into a donation generating machine. It works with your existing theme and content. No changes required. Just install and start taking donations.

Here are some typical use cases:

The Authorize.net wordpress plugin made it possible for our non-profit clients to quickly add online donations to their websites. We saved hours of work using this plugin and are grateful for how easy it was to set up. I can't imagine creating my own wordpress solution for online giving. I'm so thankful for Daniel's plugin!

Jordan Chesbrough
Web Developer

Here’s what you get with Simple Credit Card Payments.

Increase trust and confidence by running SSL on your site, just like banks do (extra charges apply, but I'll show you how to do this for as little as $15)

Find the perfect offer with:

  • Single (one-time) payments
  • Recurring payments (ongoing and fixed length)
  • using Authorize.net's ARB service.
  • Trail periods and amounts
  • Delayed or specific date first payments
  • Any combination of single, recurring and trial payments

Here's a closer look at Authorize.net

Fast one page checkout
increases conversion


Super simple settings
get you up and running
in just a few minutes

View complete transaction
history by user right in
WordPress, including
recurring payments

Create unlimited subscriptions.
Each subscription can be as
simple or complex
as you like


Fast and Easy Installation

Simple Credit Card Payments can be installed using only your browser, no FTP required. All you have to do is tell WordPress where the plugin package is and watch it go. When WordPress finishes installing it, all you need to do is activate the plugin.

Once it’s installed you copy a handful of values over from your Authorize.net account and define your subscriptions. You're also free to customize the checkout and thank you pages right on your site.

Authorize.net Certified Solution

Simple Credit Card Payments is an Authorize.net certified solution. Certification is granted when a product demostrates optimal integration with the Authorize.net platform. The rigorous certification process assures Authorize.net and you that the software is fully functional.

How It Works

Simple Credit Card Payments is easy to use and can be installed in just a few minutes. It's a WordPress plugin which means you can just upload one file to any WordPress website and quickly configure it to take credit card payments and donations.

SSL security is required to accept credit card payments because your site visitors will be submitting their credit card details. I provide step-by-step video training that shows you how easy SSL security is. I'll even show you my preferred hosting company that includes a secure SSL certificate with their $12 per month unlimited plan (NO EXTRA CHARGES).

FraudStop Service to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Simple Credit Card Payments is now fully integrated with our very own FraudStop service. This added security feature protects your website from automated attempts at credit card fraud originating from an increasing number of locations around the world. The FraudStop service integrates seamlessly with Simple Credit Card Payments to prevent brute force attacks. https://fraudstop.simplecreditcardpayments.com/

Training Videos and Helpdesk

In order to make setting up and using Authorize.net on your blog as easy as possible, I've created a comprehensive set of videos that walk you through the entire process. Forget about reading through an outdated technical manual. I show you, click-by-click.

I also maintain an industry standard helpdesk where you can submit support tickets. When you do have questions, rest assured that you'll get the support you need to get up and running FAST.

Get it today for $89

Custom programming to accept credit cards on your website can cost thousands of dollars, but not with Simple Credit Card Payments. Instantly download the plugin for $89 and integrate your WordPress blog with Authorize.net to start processing Credit Cards on your site. That includes FREE lifetime updates whenever I release a new version.


Absolutely NO Risk (100% Guarantee)

I want to sell my software to people that will use it and benefit from it. That is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee. During the first 30 days, if for any reason you decide the software is not right for you, just contact me and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. You even keep the bonuses mentioned above.

Click the Buy Now button below to get Instant Access. As soon as you complete checkout you will get an email with download instructions. It's fully automated and happens immediately after checkout.

Daniel’s Authorize.net plugin is the perfect solution to using merchant services with the Memberwing membership software. This plugin is very easy to use and creating multiple recurring/non-recurring payment buttons is simply a breeze. Anyone needing to use Authorize.net to process payments on a WordPress membership site needs to take a serious look at using the Authorize.net plugin with Memberwing. Daniel’s support was prompt and thorough. I highly recommend this product. As a membership site developer, I will be purchasing this plugin for every client looking to utilize Authorize.net to handle membership payments. The Authorize.net/Memberwing combination is a rock solid platform for using merchant services for every WordPress membership website!
Andrew Hunter
Management Consultant
We use Daniel's authorize.net plugin for accepting payments right on site. We also use Wishlist member for all our membership website needs. Even though previously we were not able to integrate the two, we stuck with each plugin and used them individually because we've always loved the features and benefits each brings to us. Especially Daniel's support system. When I learned that Daniel's new release of his Authorize.net plugin integrated with Wishlist member, I was ecstatic because it would allow us to give our clients the exact experience we wanted them to have, while allowing me to be that much more efficient. The Wishlist integration is so easy, with just a couple of clicks I no longer have to spend my time manually organizing and adding our clients to the correct list and sending out the welcome emails once they've paid. It's all done automatically, and automation is what our company is all about.

Daniel's support system has been second to none with his prompt service, video tutorials, and real desire to do whatever it takes to help me create the ideal experience for our clients. I whole-heatedly love this plugin, and recommend it to everyone using authorize.net, and wishlist member. When I recommend this plugin to you, I'm not just recommending the feature of the integration with Wishlist Member, and the great support, but also the benefit of how much more efficient I now am with our membership site.
Elizabeth Erkel
Project Leader
Authorize.net is the perfect solution for charity websites that want to accepting donations. Perfectly functional, perfectly attractive, perfectly supported and perfectly simple to use.
Richard Crouse
Slater Public Relations, Inc.
Bica Raton, Florida
Our online payment processing is the lifeblood of our business and this Authorize.net Wordpress Plugin dramatically helped us as we migrated into our new website. Thank you for the plugin, the support (which I have used often) and documentation. Now we can concentrate on what we do best: helping people take control of their fitness.
Cory Crabtree
Philadelphia, PA
This is the easiest plugin to use for processing credit cards. Not only is it easy to use but it is also robust and has all the options I need. I have already recommended this plugin to my clients and have been the hero for my suggestion. Thanks for making such a friendly plugin and for the stellar customer service!
Jamie Gallegos
Social Climb
Denver Colorado
I found this plugin after dealing with the most horrific services ever from Social Ink. This plugin was a savior after that, helping me to get through a non-profit donation page. As a developer I appreciate the effort made on this plugin, it means a lot to have something I can count on so "THANK YOU!"
Nicholas Worth
Nick Worth
Div Truth LLC
This plugin was simple and gave me a professional look without taking a lot of time or costing a lot of money. Thanks!
Sharon Lipinski
Founder of Change Gangs, Virtual Giving Circles
Augusta, GA
The Authorize.net wordpress plugin allowed our cosmetology school to easily add the ability of our current and prospective students to make payments online. They can even submit a payment on their mobile device. The plugin was a cost-effective way for us to add this functionality and has saved countless hours by freeing our registrars from having to process every transaction manually. It is priced reasonably, easy to install and get up and running and the documentation is superb. When I reach out via the support portal with a question, I received a response in minutes, rather than hours or days. You can't put a price tag on that kind of support. Thanks for the great plugin!
Jeff Chiarelli
Director of Marketing for Ogle School
Dallas, TX
The best thing about this plugin is the technical support. The staff has answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I was having some problems with the SSL using third party plugins for that. What did Daniel do? He designed his own plugin that has worked wonderfully. Thank you!
Patrick Seely
Majestic Vision
The plugin worked as advertised...after searching and trying others I found yours. I appreciate your expertise and couldn't be happier. Can't wait to use it on another client site.
Scott Schaper
Revisin Web Development
Overland Park, KS
We came across the The Authorize.net WordPress plugin when we were searching Google for a plugin. The 100% guarantee made the decision easier. We were pleasantly surprised by the features, ease of use and documentation/videos. We have used this for our non profit client donations and plan to use it for event registrations if the client opts for it. Amazing plugin and I highly recommend it. Being able to track visitor details and export is a huge bonus! Thanks!
Clifford Almeida
Phoenix - Arizona